We engage closely with qualitative researchers and evaluators to develop a clear picture of day-to-day life within four service areas:

Qualitative Research Co-Analysis


Our Sort and Sift, Think and Shift qualitative data analysis method shapes our co-analysis services. We work with you, as part of your research team, to understand the flow of your qualitative data, organize data management strategies and meet important goals and deadlines for your projects.

ResearchTalk Professional Development

Professional Development

Our professional development courses keep you in step with the classic approaches and latest trends in qualitative research. We present theoretical foundations and methodological underpinnings in concert with practical steps to meet the goals you set for your project.

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Qualitative Research Consultation 


ResearchTalk’s consultation services provide you with advice and tutoring over the life of your qualitative project.  We help you integrate data collection and analysis plans with skill building and application.

ResearchTalk Qualitative Research

Organizational Capacity Building

Our capacity building services help organizations design and implement necessary infrastructure for long lasting results in qualitative evaluation and research.



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