Sarah Tracy

Dr. Sarah J. Tracy (Ph.D., University of Colorado, 2000) is School Director and Professor of qualitative methodology and organizational communication in The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University, in Tempe, AZ, United States. She has led over 75 keynotes and workshops around the world for students, professors, and professionals in multiple disciplines related to her research. Sarah created the “Eight big-tent criteria” model for excellent qualitative research and is author of Qualitative Research Methods: Collecting Evidence, Crafting Analysis, Communicating Impact (2nd ed., 2020, Wiley),a YouTube channel called Get Your Qual On, and more than 100 scholarly monographs. She has been named Distinguished Scholar by The National Communication Association and Distinguished Teacher by The Western States Communication Association. She aims to provide people with relatable and actionable tips that they can use to immediately improve the quality, efficiency, impact, and enjoyment of their research. She approaches research from a use-inspired standpoint and endeavors toward creating scholarship that inspires wisdom, compassion, transformation, and well-being.

Publications, open scholarship, an occasional blog, YouTube channel, and more information:

Dr. Tracy has been a ResearchTalk/Odum scholar for over 7 years, covering topics that span all stages of a qualitative project.