Glenda Prime

Glenda M. Prime is the Dean of the School of Education and Urban Studies at Morgan State University.  Prior to her appointment as Dean in 2019, she served as the chair of the Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy, a department with over 500 doctoral and masters’ students in various specializations in the field of education.  Dr. Prime has over twenty years’ experience teaching qualitative research methods to graduate students at two institutions. She has supervised dozens of doctoral dissertations, both qualitative and quantitative. One of her doctoral advisees was the 2009 winner of the National Association of Teacher Educators’ Best Dissertation Award. Herself a science educator, Dr. Prime’s research interest is in the racialized experiences of African American learners in K-12 STEM education. Her most recent publication is an edited volume titled, Centering Race in the STEM Education of African American Learners (New edition 2019, Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers).

As a ResearchTalk/Odum scholar, Dr. Prime has taught at QRSI and other ResearchTalk professional development events.