Writing Stories: Researcher As Storyteller

This one-day course will be a concentrated writing workshop specifically designed for participants who want to strengthen and professionalize their writing abilities and credentials. Workshop presentations, discussions and exercises will seek to widen each participant’s understanding of his or her habituated patterns and practices of writing, awareness of writing strategies, styles, and voice, and knowledge of the commitments, dispositions, and work habits associated with productive professional writing both inside and outside academia.

Special attention will be given to writing stories, the craft of story-writing and the many ways in which the researcher is fundamentally a storyteller. I also will discuss blended genres of writing that merge nonfiction and fictional strategies of writing. I will focus considerable attention on vulnerable writing, on features of storytelling such as character, scene, plot, action, and dialogue as well as dramatizing, structuring, revising and the development of a narrative arc. We will discuss what it means to live a writing life, analyze our own writing regiments and practices, and participate in exercises focused on finding voice through free writing.

Workshop participants will receive materials on publishers, book series, and journals that accept narrative, poetic, artistic, and literary works.