Writing Appealing Qualitative Research Reports

The focus of this 1-day course is on practical strategies to produce research reports publishable in high-quality peer-reviewed journals. The course will cover an array of topics including:

  • Communicating the significance and methodological details of a study
  • Selecting the appropriate journal venue, empirical and theoretical framing, and style, logic, emphasis, and organizational structure for the report
  • Effectively using such literary elements as vantage point and metaphor, and such devices such as casing, counting, quoting, tabulating, titling, and diagramming to show methodological and findings details
  • Presenting research results accessible to and translatable by researchers or practitioners
  • Strategically planning multiple reports from a common parent study, including mixed methods studies
  • Wisely managing reject and revise-and-resubmit responses to submitted manuscripts
  • Tricks of the trade for overcoming writing paralysis or blocks

This course is appropriate for graduate students and faculty in the practice disciplines (e.g., clinical psychology, education, medicine, nursing, public health, social work) as well as researchers from other fields of study (e.g., sociology, anthropology).