Ten Tips for Publishing Qualitative Research

This session focuses on drafting a rigorous, compelling manuscript for submission to a peer reviewed journal, and unfolds in three modules. First, we open with the concept of a publication plan to help researchers think prospectively and strategically about potential complementary publications. We then turn to “Ten Tips” for drafting manuscripts. We will review these principles and practices of drafting manuscripts, drawing on examples from the peer reviewed literature and engaging in hands-on exercises. In the final module we address common challenges in the manuscript review process and strategies for responding to reviewer critiques. The format will be interactive, with opportunity for discussion and review of illustrative examples from published papers.

  1. Qualitative study publication plans
  2. Drafting manuscripts: “Ten tips”
    1. Review illustrative examples from peer reviewed literature
    2. Exercises and group discussion
  3. Responding to reviews: Crafting response letters
    1. Deconstructing common critiques
    2. Strategies for responding