Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research Methods Principles Through Popular Film Clips

Mediated instruction has a longstanding tradition in education, and the power of “edutainment” in our visually-oriented, digital, and performative culture should not be underestimated or dismissed for advanced undergraduate and graduate-level classrooms. Popular film viewing offers novelty and engagement in traditional learning settings, and holds the potential to vividly instruct as well as entertain.

Popular film clips can be used to illustrate basic principles and techniques of inquiry, generate classroom discussion and related activities, clarify misunderstood concepts, and teach selected principles more effectively than conventional classroom pedagogy. Examples of film scenes and their topics include: The Matrix (ontology, epistemology, axiology); Miss Evers’ Boys (research ethics); Kinsey (interviewing); Fargo (inductive reasoning); and Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story (theory).

Participants will:

  • View over 25 film clips related to qualitative research methods principles
  • Participate in related learning activities (e.g., discussion, categorizing, assertion development, thematic analysis)
  • Share other film and media titles for recommended use
  • Learn how to access related media and software for teaching resource development

This workshop is designed for novices to qualitative inquiry and instructors of qualitative research methods courses.