Synthesizing Qualitative Data

After qualitative data have been collected and initially analyzed, we are faced with the larger task of making meaning across numerous narratives and expanding ideas. This course provides strategies for data synthesis—that is, moving into advanced qualitative data analysis and integrative theory building.

The workshop will address:

  • Analytic heuristics (categories, themes, assertions, propositions, concepts)
  • Analytic write-ups (memos, vignettes)
  • Data analytic display-making (matrices and diagrams)
  • Theory development

We will make use of an analytic synthesis matrix that outlines approaches for integrating meaningful ideas and making sense of data. These methods are transferable to any discipline including business, education, the social sciences, and health care.

Workshop content is derived from Saldaña’s methods texts including The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers (4th edition, 2021, Sage Publishing), the co-authored Qualitative Data Analysis: A Methods Sourcebook (4th ed., 2020, Sage Publishing), and Saldaña & Omasta’s Qualitative Research: Analyzing Life (2nd edition, 2022, Sage Publishing).