Qualitative Teamwork: Proactive and Responsive Approaches to Decision Making and Practice

Qualitative and mixed methods research projects increasingly involve multiple researchers, often from different disciplines, working collaboratively to achieve their research objectives. Strong organization, cooperation, and leadership direct qualitative research teams to benefit from the team members’ combination of skills, knowledge, and perspectives.

This workshop covers the major topics relevant to qualitative teamwork, including the practical, methodological, substantive, and interpersonal. We will trace the life of a qualitative teamwork project, focusing on the following topics:

  • Composing a well-rounded team
  • Training team members
  • Project decision-making
  • Establishing and reinforcing team-member investment
  • Maintaining high rigor and standards of legitimacy throughout the project
  • Moving toward final products – memoing, diagramming, and report writing

Conversations about each topic will necessarily address the resources available to team leaders and members. For qualitative teams to succeed they must give careful thought to their analysis plan and teamwork strategies as the project begins and respond and adjust as data collection and analysis efforts expose new areas for attention.