Qualitative Research: Analyzing Life (basic approaches to & methods for qualitative inquiry)

This two-day workshop is an introductory overview of basic approaches to and methods for qualitative inquiry. Course content will be adapted from Saldaña and Omasta’s textbook, Qualitative Research: Analyzing Life (Sage Publications, 2018).

Major topics addressed will include:

  • A survey of qualitative data collection methods (interviewing, participant observation, documents/artifacts);
  • Qualitative research design;
  • A survey of qualitative data analytic methods; and
  • Writing and presenting qualitative research.

Multiple practical and on-your-feet activities will be included throughout the course to provide students experiential knowledge of the subject.

Newcomers to qualitative inquiry will benefit from this course by gaining literacy and workshop experience in the basic methods of qualitative research for future study and application. Experienced qualitative researchers will benefit from this course by refreshing their knowledge bases of methods, plus observing how introductory material is approached with novices for future classroom teaching applications.