Qualitative Inquiry: Evaluating and Applying Five Approaches

Following the Creswell/Poth book Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches (4th ed., 2017, Sage), this course examines the designs, rationales, and procedures inherent to five qualitative research approaches:

  1. Narrative Research
  2. Phenomenology
  3. Grounded Theory
  4. Ethnography
  5. Case Study

These five approaches all emphasize rigorous strategies for qualitative inquiry. Independent books and articles have been written about each and qualitative scholars feature these approaches in their published work.

Five questions will enhance your ability to evaluate and apply each approach:

  1. What are the defining features?
  2. What are the typical data collection procedures and how are rigorous procedures assessed in published research?
  3. What are the common data analysis strategies and how is evidence of validity established?
  4. What ethical considerations need to be anticipated and how are arising issues presented?
  5. What challenges are likely encountered and how are study limitations discussed?

Participants are encouraged to bring their ideas for a qualitative study to explore during the workshop as there will be embedded opportunities for small and large group discussions.