Presenting Qualitative Results to Quantitative Audiences

A key challenge with qualitative methods is conveying results to quantitative audiences in compelling, rigorous, and impactful ways. Qualitative research is often preconceived by quantitative audiences to be less than rigorous, “too subjective,” and “anecdotal.” The course will equip students with tools and techniques for presenting qualitative results effectively and dynamically.

We will discuss:

Setting the Stage

  • Describing the qualitative analytic approach that was used
  • Fostering openness between the presenter and the audience
  • Considering the needs of different audiences

Balancing Detail and Message

  • Privileging the data while using quotes judiciously
  • Juxtaposing data with your interpretations
  • Situating theory strategically
  • Using different types of data displays (diagrams, maps, tables, etc.) to convey results
  • Using language that will resonate with non-qualitative audiences

Reinforcing Key Takeaways

  • Addressing negative, skeptical, or critical responses to qualitative results
  • Fostering trust in qualitative results

Taught by a mixed methods researcher who frequently presents to quantitative audiences, the course will be oriented toward capturing and expressing experience through varying strategies that move beyond a simple binary contrast of “qualitative” and “quantitative.”