Framing and Maintaining a Research Agenda

One of the most critical topics that researchers must address is how to frame and operationalize a research agenda. From developing a researchable topic to revising and resubmitting a peer-reviewed publication, understanding the complexities of navigating the research terrain is key. This course will focus on the critical steps necessary to develop an active and strategic research agenda. It is ideally targeted for those establishing an agenda in qualitative and/or mixed methods research. Participants will engage in both theoretical and practical considerations in an effort to divine strategies leading to the development of a clear and concise research agenda.

Specific objectives of the course include:

  • To understand how to position and sustain a research agenda
  • To understand the publication process.
  • To provide participants with tools to move their research agenda forward
  • To understand the importance of mentoring
  • To understand the importance of and practices for establishing networks

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • Framing and maintaining a research agenda
  • Writing for publication
  • Successful mentoring approaches
  • Establishing networks
  • Preparing the tenure and promotion dossier
  • Skillsets to be successful in academia
  • Time management and work/life harmony
  • Additional topics generated by our assembled participants