Evocative Autoethnography: Writing Lives and Telling Stories

This two-day course will follow the outline of our book, Evocative Autoethnography: Writing Lives and Telling Stories. Since the book details an imaginary workshop along the same lines as the one we are actually teaching, this will be a profoundly reflexive exercise.

We will guide workshop attendees through:

  • the history of autoethnography and narrative as approaches to doing research
  • becoming storywriters and living the writing life
  • fundamental ethical issues, dilemmas, and responsibilities in qualitative research
  • the intersection of ethnography with autoethnography
  • truth and memory
  • publishing autoethnographic and narrative research.

In working through several exemplars, workshop attendees will become acquainted with writing vulnerably about crucial turning points they and their research participants have lived through; envision writing about life’s messiness; practice thinking with stories; imagine how to do research creatively and collaboratively; consider doing research that is relevant to real people leading actual lives; and ponder the moral and social justice concerns of their work.

Workshop attendees will have an opportunity to practice narrative and personal writing and to discuss how these practices might fit into their ongoing qualitative research projects.