Core Principles of Mixed Methods Analysis

Communicating research findings is storytelling; some stories are supported by qualitative data, some are supported by numbers, some by both. This course is for researchers who want to consume mixed-methods research or incorporate mixed methods into their scholarship. Rather than furthering the misguided rivalry between inquiries, this course will focus on the shared principles between qualitative and quantitative analysis, noting divergence when necessary. This approach will position scholars to determine patterns and draw integrated conclusions across analyses and across a literature, all toward the goal of telling rich, well-informed stories.

Core discussions will include:

  • Basic principles, assumptions, and practices in mixed methods
  • How to develop a sound, flexible analysis strategy
  • Specific methods for combining qualitative and quantitative findings
  • How to manage assumptions to maintain analytic legitimacy
  • Best practices for writing-up mixed methods findings
  • Concrete examples and tips for practice