Best Practices for Bringing Qualitative Inquiry to the Public

Qualitative researchers are increasingly asked to engage with public actors from journalists to policymakers. Rarely, however, are qualitative researchers given any guidance or strategies for doing so. This is puzzling considering the general public trust science substantially more than the government or media. This daylong course will provide qualitative researchers with best practices for writing op-eds, talking to journalists, doing news interviews, engaging local, state, and federal policymakers, and learning the art of qualitative data storytelling.

The course also will feature a workshop style throughout the day for participants to implement best practices and receive feedback. Additionally, participants will learn strategies to leverage their public engagement for merit in their departments and organizations. People across the academic, government, not-for-profit, philanthropic and corporate researchers, as well as those outside of these industries, are welcome. Attendees should come with a topic and abstract (even if data has not been collected yet) to use throughout the course. Participants will leave with their “public voice” to better disseminate their research beyond the confines of their own organizations and industries.