Because It Was Qualitative: How to Build Unapologetic Arguments for the Strength of Our Work

This course is founded on the premise that qualitative inquiry is unique, powerful, and necessary in building knowledge that addresses human understanding, experiences, and phenomena. The course presents convincing arguments for the strength of our work as qualitative experts and offers concrete tips and approaches to qualitative practice. Drs. Adams, Maietta, and Swartout will equip you with the skills and language to become a vocal advocate for your qualitative contributions and the qualitative work you consume and share with others.

To accomplish this goal, these 4 principles must guide how you engage, evaluate and present qualitative work:

  1. The strategies you use to carry out your project must align with your project questions and goals.
  2. You must verify the quality of your work DURING data collection and analysis.
  3. The presentation of your work must be lucid and compelling.
    1. You must effectively build and tell your qualitative story using your data to discover and communicate your message(s).
  4. You must make a useful contribution to at least one of the following:
    1. Theory
    2. Practice
    3. Policy
    4. Future research

The course instructors will use a combination of their favorite qualitative work and their own projects to demonstrate how others have accomplished these goals and help you as you move forward with your own qualitative projects.