Advancing Data Collection and Analysis in Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research with Visual Data Displays

This practically oriented, hands-on course explores ways that a visual data display can be used creatively to enrich the authenticity of data collected and to advance analysis in formative ways in qualitative and mixed methods research. It extends discussion about visual methods by considering ways that a visual data display dynamically constructed with a participant, including through event timelines and spatial mapping exercises, can be effective with diverse and vulnerable populations. A multi-step interactive activity involving a personal experience will illustrate ways that a joint display incorporating multiple sources of data can both reveal and explain group differences. Participants will generate ideas about the ways that a visual data display might be useful in their own project. The audience for the workshop includes those with both introductory and more advanced knowledge of qualitative and mixed method approaches in dynamic, practice-oriented fields in psychology, sociology, health, education, information systems and family studies.

Topics include:

  1. Examples of visual data displays that enhance the authenticity of data collection.
  2. Examples of visual data displays that advance the integration of different sources of data during analysis.
  3. Characteristics of effective visual data display.

Participants will find it helpful to bring an example of a visual data display that tentatively sketches key findings from a research project. Workshop content is derived from Creamer’s in-progress book to be published in 2021 by Routledge UK, Advancing Grounded Theory with Mixed Methods.